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The Beautiful West

In many ways, the West is the most peaceful of the points on the compass. The majority of the islanders live peaceful, simple lives, fishing and farming for their living. And yet the region has developed into something of a powder keg.

War Amongst the Isles

The Crimson Empress once famously referred to the Western isles as “that Serpentine Archipelago that, if left to its own devices, would become a Leviathan.” The Empress realized that a united Isles could become a naval power to rival or surpass the realm itself, something she could not allow. So she carefully manipulated the geopolitical situation in the West to be a perpetual stalemate. However in the 50 years since her disappearance, the situation has grown far more unstable. Lets take a look at the sides in the conflict from North to South.

  • The Coral Archipelago: In a different setting, Coral would probably not only be the reigning power in the West, but well on its way to dominating the rest of the world as well. Coral is a capatalist plutocracy where state-sponsered piracy runs hand in hand with cut-throat mercantile trade and imperialist expansionism. Coral’s got the largest fleet of ships in the West. However those ships are simple wind-and-oar driven vessels, armed with ballistae and other mundane weapons. If Coral had more supernatural resources, or more exalts and god-blooded, they could be the major power in the ocean.
  • The Skullstone Archipelago: Skullstone is the horrible shadowlands under the rule of the Silver Prince. They claim to be a utopian society where the Living and Dead work in harmony towards a greater good. But we know better, don’t we. Skullstone has a loose economic alliance with Coral. Both sides think they’re playing the other for fools.
  • The Neck: The Neck is a peaceful satrapy of the realm. They have no resources worth fighting over, no military ambition of their own, and generally just leave everyone else well enough alone to enjoy their relative independence. They seem blissfully unaware of the problem’s brewing elsewhere in the West, trusting entirely that the Ocean Father, their patron deity, will protect them from harm. Given the number of his illegitimate children there are among the chieftans of the Neck’s tribes, however, they might have a point.
  • Wavecrest Archipelago: Wavecrest represents a moral and ethical reversal of Coral. These guys are the good guys of the area, if there are to be good guys. In addition to being the breadbasket of the West and the only military power in the region to rival Coral, they wind up being far more progressive socially than most of the other areas in this part of the world, including a more “equalish” stance on women, recognizing them as equal to men, but still denying them any role that puts them on a boat for any reason. Its still a horribly sexist culture, but significantly less so than most places in the West. All and all, a nice nation of good people. Except when they’re sacrificing people to their volcano god.
  • The Denzik: A floating city comprised of 125 barges lashed together, the Denzik are a strange, wandering traders, well known for their get-rich schemes and incomprehensible economic practices.
  • The Lintha: Scourge of the west, the Lintha are demon-blooded pirates, whose vast organized crime network spans the globe. Pirates, slavers, smugglers and generally unpleasant people. They are, nonetheless, a major power in the ocean, terrifying enough that even the Realm walks on eggshells around them.

And You Guys

Welcome to the Isle of Sable, A beautiful chunk of paradise nestled between Coral, Skullstone and the Neck (Because nothing bad can come from that location right?)! Visit the beautiful black-sand beaches! Enjoy the local sea food! Visit the First Age Ruins! All and all the perfect location for your vacation. Bring your friends! Bring your invading fleets!

Main Page

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